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What Is AdLandmark SoftPPD?

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Now accepting PayPal

AdLandmark SoftPPD (Software Pay Per Download) is a new promotion service for software authors. You just need to open a SoftPPD account, create your campaign, and then your software can be featured for free on many well known download sites and software related vertical marketing sites. You only need to pay a fee when a customer in your selected countries downloads your software (the trial version) completely.


Traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are to send the user to your website, but most of them leave without downloading your software, and you pay merely a visitors fee. AdLandmark SoftPPD service allows the user to download the free trial version of your software directly, using the shareware Try-Before-You-Buy advantage.

Targeting by Country

You can target your campaigns (downloads) to most countries and you may change geography targeting setting at any time.

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