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Now accepting PayPal

AdLandmark SoftPPD is a new promotion service for software authors. You just need to open a SoftPPD account, create your campaign, and then your software can appear for free on many well known download sites and software related vertical marketing sites. You only need to pay a fee when a customer in your selected countries downloads your software completely.

Users can download your software directly

Traditional Pay Per Click ads are to send the user to your web site, but most of them leave with out downloading your software, and you pay merely a visitors fee. AdLandmark SoftPPD allows the user to directly download your software for a trial use, using the shareware Try-Before-You-Buy advantage.

Only pay for the first unique & completed download

Only when the user downloads your software for the first time is it considered an unique download, and these other conditions, like the same user downloading a number of times in 30 days or when the same user downloads again from a different web site, do not require a payment. Our tracking technology will detect if a user has downloaded an entire setup file of your product and you only pay for completed downloads.

Allowing only customers from your selected countries to download your software

Depending upon your sales experience or your promotional plans, you can select the countries from the list we provide that you want customers to be able to register from to get your software, and those users from countries other than the ones you selected will not be able to download your software. This will save on your web sites traffic capacity and raise the rate of return on your investment.

Having abundant opportunities to introduce your software

You can not only describe your software in great detail, but can also display three different sizes of screenshot or logo, which will give your software free advertising on each download site, and allow the user understanding of your software before they download it, avoiding "curious clicks" by the user.

Independently controlling your budget and campaigns

You can deposit money in your account to pay for the downloads according to your own budget, and when your account balance is insufficient we will automatically notify you of what steps you should take, as AdLandmark SoftPPD service will not automatically charge your credit card, and you can at any time terminate or activate a certain campaign, with immediate effect.

Long term 60 day conversion tracking

AdLandmark SoftPPD provides you with a free conversion tracking tool, with which you can, in real time, control your investment return rate and each campaign's effectiveness. Aimed at the practice that most software has a 30 day trial period, you can get up to 60 days of conversion tracking, and upon a conversion happening, you get an email notification.

Thorough and immediate report capability

In addition to being able to see statistic data like impressions, downloads, CTR and costs on a timely basis, you can get each software download information, like download time, downloader's IP address and country information, etc. After you have integrated the conversion tracking ability, you can get in contact with the downloader or buyer, to calculate the data of what time the buyer downloaded your trial version, the number of days of trial, and your expenses, etc.

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